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Hey Everyone, this is my page that I'vedesigned for school.
Below you will find pictures of me, and mypersonal interests.

These are my two best pictures ever, atleastI think so.  And I usually HATE any picture taken of me


HOBBIES:  As you know, my car is my main hobby, other than that, I am really enjoying school, and if I'm not working on my car, I  am usually at work.  I usually work anywhere from 25-30 hours a week, at Blimpie's of Aiken.  Blimpie's is a sub shop, kind of like Subway, but MUCH better.  You will find links at the bottom of the page to all the places I mention here.  I cannot stress enough how much I love my car.  I have to pay every cent for it, insurance too, that's why I work so much.

**UPDATE**: I now am employed by Sears of Aiken, in the Aiken Mall, yet I still love Blimpie's just as much, and I still work the same hours.

Here's where my car was born. (Click either image)