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Where'd my money go?

Anybody who has modified a Saturn, well, any car really, knows it costs quite a bit if you get a lot of things. Well, I know from first hand experience. To date, I have spent atleast $3500 on modifications, including the parts and installation prices. That DOESN'T include my monthly car and insurance payments., which is around $3500, also. I've only had this car since last February, and I've spent over $7000 on it...I couldn't believe it. Now that I think about it, I should have went ahead and used that to pay my car off, and THEN modified it, but, hey, it wouldn't be as much fun that way, would it? Anyway, breaking the costs down (prices include shipping and/or installation, plus I'm probably forgetting some things, but oh well):


Hotshot Ceramic-coated Cold-Air Intake - $190

Hotshot Header - $333

JG Throttle Body - $160

Magnecor High-Performance Ignition Cables - $50

NGK V-Power Spark Plugs - $15

Custom 2.25" Exhaust Piping - $150

Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler with Resonator and 4" chrome tip - $75



Sprint 2" Lowering Springs - $150

SPS Strut Tower Brace - $100

SPS 16.5mm Rear Sway Bar with Installation Kit (required for S*1's) - $300 or so

17X7 Enkei Shoguns with Silver Centercap - $700

215/40/17 Falken Ziek Tires - $600

Camber Adjustment Kit - $50



Piaa 1000X Fog Lights - $200

Niken Foot Pedals - $40

"SPS Performance" banner (across front windshield) - $15

SPS Black Emblem Kit - $50

Custom paint work to steering wheel and dash (to make the words visible)(*Coming soon*) - $Free

Wings West Body Kit (*coming later*)(*much later*)